4 Strategies to Increase Frontline Productivity this Holiday Season

August 3, 2023 / Boost Holiday productivity to meet demand

HR and operations teams are looking ahead to the holiday season. Before you know it, a new crew of seasonal workers will join your ranks to help meet increased demand — or not. Perhaps your mandate is to keep staffing levels flat and improve productivity to meet demand.

High productivity is the primary goal of the holiday season, regardless of your hiring strategy. So let’s talk about boosting productivity.

What strategies can employers can take to increase productivity this holiday season?

1. Communicate clearly

Break the habit of HQ communicating solely with location management. Connecting directly with frontline employees ensures communication is delivered to the intended audience. Managers spend a minimum of 1-hour per week cascading HQ communication to employees. Remove managers as a communication bottleneck and reclaim valuable manager time.’


2. Utilize in-the-flow-of-work training

Minimize off-the-floor training by retooling learning content into bite-sized content. Embed short trainings inside of tasks to aid work instead of relying on employees to recall significant information from long-form content. In-the-flow training compounds the benefits of e-learning, and e-learning is already estimated to be 40%-60% more efficient than classroom learning.


3. Assign tasks to shifts, not people.

Assign tasks to shifts instead of people so tasks get done regardless of who works that day. Streamline task administration and communicate the jobs to be done clearly. Attaching tasks to shifts can help you recapture 2 hours a week per employee as a result of increased productivity. At that rate, with this single workflow improvement, it only takes 20 employees to equal additional full-time equivalent.


4. Leverage self-service scheduling

In Q4, the average WorkJam customer will save 65,000 manager hours by scheduling more efficiently. During a time when burnout historically builds, unburden managers from ever-changing schedules. Additionally, employees love self-service tools that allow them to work when and where they work— a true win-win.


These strategies are not limited to the holiday season and can be used throughout the year. To learn more about WorkJamming your frontline, use the form below or get in touch with your customer success representative.

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