Jun 04, 2018

A Higher Standard: The Digital Workplace

Stores, hotels, restaurants, airlines – no matter the industry, companies are being called on to deliver a better brand of service.

For the first time, technology is available to make those changes at scale.

Around the world, WorkJam’s customers are taking advantage of a more collaborative workplace as a driver for better service. With a digital workplace platform in place and a strong digital strategy, these employers are able to get ahead of systemic issues that cause temporary closures, costly trainings, and meticulous policy reviews.

By offering continual training and opening direct lines of communication across the organization, our customers equip their frontline employees with tools to become more knowledgeable, engaged, and productive.

Though the approach varies across organizations, the goal of any digital workplace strategy is to enhance the customer experience through a smarter, more integrated, tech-enabled workforce.

To fully engage the entire organization with a digital workplace platform, all teams – from IT and HR to Operations, Communications, and Training – have to collaborate in ways they may never have before.

The Benefits of Collaboration

Involving multiple teams in the process of building a digital workplace not only breaks down internal barriers, it sets businesses up for cost savings and revenue growth. Our customers have unleashed the potential of their employees by:

  • Establishing a proactive culture – Deploying company-wide, or targeted, communication and training is no longer time-consuming. The ease of communication allows for better collaboration and the ability to continually train employees. Our customers offer self-service training, establishing a culture of self-improvement. Being proactive enables businesses to continually raise the standard of their customer service.
  • Reacting in real time– Loss-prevention and risk-mitigation are at the top of mind for enterprise-level businesses. The ability to reach employees at a moment’s notice provides major cost savings benefits to our customers. With the WorkJam Digital Workplace, our customers have established an infrastructure to reach every employee in an instant, without having to host physical meetings or interrupt store operations.
  • Connecting executives from all lines of business – When was the last time your Chief Technology Officer sat in the same room as your Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Communications Officer? WorkJam customers understand that every business function needs to have the tools to effectively move the business forward. By enabling collaboration across traditionally siloed business functions, complex initiatives have become streamlined.

With the WorkJam Digital Workplace, our customers are able to meet the needs of the modern workforce and are agile enough to meet the demands of the next.


Author bio:

Steve Kramer is the CEO of Workjam. Steve has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience driving business results and developing disruptive technologies for the retail industry. In 1999, Steven co-founded iCongo, a leading global software provider for omni-channel retail and B2B commerce solutions, which merged with hybris Software in 2011 and became the largest independent provider of e-commerce solutions with 27 offices worldwide, 1000+ employees and more than 600 customers. Steven was part of the Executive Management team and Board Member at hybris. hybris Software was purchased by SAP in 2013. While innovating in omni-channel and the connected consumer, Steven identified a gap between traditional workforce management systems and how retailers actually hire, schedule and manage their hourly employees. With this in mind, Steven co-founded WorkJam and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company.

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