Become an Employer of Choice: Flexible Schedules & Pay

July 14, 2023 / Hourly workers want flexibility

Flexible schedules and flexible pay drive employee loyalty. More than benefits to employees, self-service scheduling and early access to earned wages make you an employer of choice.


Welcome to the second blog in our three-part series. Here’s a quick summary of the complete series:

  1. Previous Post: Managers are getting squeezed – it’s a difficult job, and they are stretched thin
  2. This Blog: Hourly workers want flexibility – flexible schedules require frontline input
  3. Coming Soon: Your employees want to work – employees are willing to work on their terms


Part 2 of 3:


Hourly workers want flexibility


If you don’t offer flexibility, your frontline workers will create flexibility independently — picking up multiple jobs or doing gig work.


Give them what they want: the benefits of a single employer with the flexibility to work when and where they want to, with access to earned wages when needed.


Built to meet the needs of frontline employees, WorkJam provides flexibility for frontline workers while referencing WFM work rules. In fact, schedule flexibility is why WorkJam was recognized on the TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2023 list.


WorkJam offers several shift management options — music to your employees’ ears. These self-service tools help save our customers’ managers 2 hours weekly — 5% of their manager time:

Direct Shift Release

This type of release allows a shift to be transferred directly to another teammate. No trade takes place with this type of release. This functionality replaces “Hey, Rachel. Here is my Saturday shift. Thanks!”


Direct Shift Swap

Swap shifts with a teammate — the 1-to-1 shift swapping that you might be used to with your WFM provider. It is a closed-loop compliant version of, “Rachel, if you take my Saturday, I’ll pick up your Sunday shift.”


Open Shift Pool Release

Broadcast the availability of a shift for the taking is a streamlined version of, “Can anyone take my shift?” that happens verbally today. An Open Shift Pool is a virtual picklist of shifts that appear only to people qualified to work them. An easy comparison is gig-type work in terms of picking up new shifts — we call it an Open Shift Marketplace.


Open Shift Pool Swap

Broadcast the availability of a shift for a swap. Just like this option above, this feeds into the Open Shift Marketplace. The difference between this and the option above is that this includes a trade. WorkJam replicates, “Can anyone take my shift? But I need the hours, so I’d like to swap shifts.”


Offer Shift

Alert specific teammates to take a shift. As simple as it sounds. It is a 1-to-1 shift offer inquiry.

Flexible Schedules WorkJam Workforce Management Shift Swap 5 Ways WFM

Double down on employee loyalty by rewarding employees with their earned wages before your standard pay period ends — gigify schedules with ExpressPay.


Employing financially stressed workers leads to issues like attendance violations, higher training costs, and reduced employee retention. More than just a perk you offer to employees, ExpressPay helps with smoother operations, happier customers, and being more competitive in recruiting and the market in general.


Are you looking to WorkJam your frontline for the first time? Reach out to us with the form below. Ask us how you can offer the flexibility your employees desire.

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