May 05, 2022 / Employee Retention

Reduce turnover with the right employee retention plan (you’ll be glad you did!)

Labor shortage. We’re seeing it everywhere. It’s a challenge that organizations across the globe are facing, especially companies with large hourly workforces or frontline workers. But how can you stay on top of it? How do you implement an employee retention plan that ensures your top-skilled frontline workers don’t leave to work for a competitor?

We have the answer, and it begins with understanding the three horizons of employee turnover, which you can read by downloading our data sheet here.

Understanding these important milestones is step 1 for reducing employee turnover. Step 2 involves leveraging an opportunity that begins with listening.

When it comes to workflow, the pandemic has changed your frontline’s expectations. We consider this a new beginning for both employees and their employers, in turn changing the narrative from “issues” to “opportunity.”

Where in the past, staff members viewed their role as “a job”, punching in and out as required by their schedules, today frontline workers are seeking to both PROVIDE value and BE valued at work.

This is where you, as their employer, can take a leadership role by giving your teams the tool your staff needs for boosting their productivity and self-confidence. We call this a digital frontline workplace.

What is a digital frontline workplace?

A digital frontline workplace revolutionizes your workflow by empowering your frontline with everything they need – right in their hands.

Imagine an app that works on any device to provide:

  • Improved communication between HQ and your frontline.
  • The capacity for your staff to manage their own shifts, including shift-swapping and bidding on additional hours – at their home location or other locations.
  • Skill development opportunities, giving team members a chance to further develop their skills.
  • At-a-glance task management, and so much more.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to revolutionize your frontline to create happy and engaged employees and higher productivity, we invite you to schedule a demo by clicking here.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to download our data sheet to understand the three horizons of employee turnover.

As always, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to keep your frontline happy and engaged, while making sure you have the digital frontline workplace to WorkJam your frontline!


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