Dec 11, 2020

Employee Mobility & The Pandemic: Essential Retail

The following is an excerpt from Axsium Group’s Employee Mobility & The Pandemic: Essential Retail blog post.

During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with leaders at many of these organizations and hear first-hand what challenges they are facing:

  • Constantly-changing health and safety policies and training
  • New guidelines and processes that employees must follow
  • A need for staff to fill additional health & safety shifts
  • And overall, communicating any and all changes to everyone in the fastest way possible

However, during those conversations with business leaders, we’ve looked at the opportunities present with mobility as a method of providing everyone in your organization everything they need – as soon and as directly as possible. Here are a handful of solutions to some of the issues listed above:

  • Distribute new policies in a step-by-step training module – providing employees, through their phones or tablets, with a simple (and distancing-friendly) method for seeing key health and safety guidelines, as well as confirming that they’ve read and understood any changes.
  • Generate location- or employee-specific tasks to ensure each location/employee of your organization is following new processes – such as setting up handwashing stations or distancing markers on the floors, and provide visual confirmation or feedback on sanitary materials (wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.).
  • Open a “shift marketplace” for support or sanitary-focused shifts that are available to anyone who has taken the relevant training within the organization. With easy-to-access training, these shifts can be made available to anyone interested in picking up shifts and new hires can be added to the schedule within a day or two of joining.
  • Communicate with front-line employees, managers, and everyone in the organization, with key messaging from HQ delivered directly to an employee’s phone – or even targeted messages to specific locations (such as by state, province, or type of store) or to specific groups of people (such as managers, new hires, or by role).

These examples only skim the surface of the ways that you and your organization can be using mobility to help emerge from this challenging period of time stronger than ever. Utilizing mobility can allow you to create mediums and messages to get ahead and become proactive with the health & safety of your locations and employees.

About the author:

Andrew Martel

Employee Mobility Practice Lead, Axsium Group

Andrew Martel specializes in employee mobility and business information analysis. As Employee Mobility Practice Lead, Andrew helps businesses increase team member productivity and engage with employees.

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