Feb 13, 2022

Future-Proofing Your Organization Starts with Your Technology Investments

The most successful organizations always have an eye towards the future. You won’t have the ability to adapt and capitalize on emerging trends if you’re focused solely on short-term requirements.  

This is especially true when it comes to workforce-related tools like Employee Communication Applications (ECA). Fixing internal communication issues using short-term solutions might solve immediate problems, but it can lead to difficulties down the road.

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Short-term solutions = long-term headaches 

Adopting point solutions that solve just one problem leads to siloed communication, shadow IT, and compliance issues. Similarly, using software that can’t integrate with other systems often results in inefficient processes.  

For this reason, organizations must adopt flexible and scalable solutions that can serve their needs both today and in the coming years. As Gartner suggests in its ECA report: 

Companies must “prioritize ECA solutions that “future-proof” investments by selecting vendors with strong integration capabilities, and deliver specialized capabilities that address high-impact business scenarios.” 

Finding a solution to future-proof your investments 

Future-proofing your organization starts by recognizing that employee communication is a platform decision that requires a comprehensive solution. Internal comms can’t be handled by a single app; you need a robust platform that can do the following:  

Strong integration capabilities. Choose an ECA that can integrate with other components of your business including training, scheduling, and task management.  

It’s also helpful to use a platform that can connect with digitally-enabled devices such as sensors, thermostats, and smart gadgets. This will streamline how information is relayed in your company. For instance, if your comms platform connects to your in-store thermostat, you can automatically notify team members if the temperature surpasses a particular threshold.  

Keeps all communications under one roof. Adopt a platform that keeps all internal comms in one place. That way, team members can rely on a single solution to find the information they need. Whether they’re looking for company-wide information like major announcements or require department-specific information, they can find it all from the same system. 

Extensive admin and targeting capabilities. For communication to be effective, it needs to be seen by the right people at the most optimal time. That’s why it helps to have a communication platform that has strong admin and targeting features. Your internal comms solutions should give you the ability to target your messages (e.g., by location, department, etc) to reduce noise.  

In addition, you should select a solution that lets you configure when team members see certain messages. For instance, if you’d like important announcements to be seen first or if you want to ensure that work-related information can only be viewed while employees are on your premises, then your platform should make it easy to do so.  

Paves the way for wider adoption. Even the best communication solution will fall flat if your team members don’t use it. But here’s the good news: employee adoption will inevitably increase with the right platform.  

When you have a communication system that ticks all the boxes above, your team members will naturally gravitate towards it.  

WorkJam fits the bill, now and for long-term 

WorkJam’s digital workplace gives you all the communication tools you need and more. In addition to standard features like chatrooms and direct messages, WorkJam also offers strong admin and targeting capabilities.  

What’s more, it seamlessly connects with WorkJam’s other modules — including training, task management, and our Open Shift Marketplace — to keep all your workforce’s needs in one convenient place.  

All in all, WorkJam doesn’t just streamline employee comms; it sets you up for success now and in the future. 

To learn more about why future-proofing is critical in employee communications, download a complimentary copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for Employee Communications Applications. 

Download your copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for Employee Communications Applications

If you’d like to learn more about employee communication applications and need insights on how to navigate the ECA market, you can get a complimentary copy of Gartner’s report below.

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