Future Stores: Boost revenue and CX by boosting your associate experience

Future Stores Session: Collaborative Roundtable
Wednesday, June 21 - 1:20 PM

Margins are shrinking. Labor costs are increasing. How do you do more with less?


WorkJam is co-presenting during a round table session at Future Stores West. Join WorkJam’s Rich Halbert and Blue Yonder’s Dave Hamilton for a discussion about frontline workers.


Brick and mortar locations are assuming more e-commerce and last-mile CX responsiblities. Adjusted operations call for management adjustments.


What next?


Employee Experience is directly related to increased revenue, competitive differentiation in market, and improved associate efficiencies. It’s a fact: retailers that invest in frontline enablement improve their frontline employee experience will grow at a faster rate than their competitors – and they will unlock the power of their frontline for improved CX. 


Dive deeper into the connection between EX and CX at Future Stores.


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