Mar 31, 2015

Introducing WorkJam

It’s with great enthusiasm that I am writing this first blog entry for WorkJam – our new entrepreneurial journey. At WorkJam, we are launching a new type of model via mobile and web for Hourly Workers and Service Industry Employers that will facilitate recruitment, scheduling, training, communication and much more.

Without a solid understanding of what we are doing, one might easily say, “yet another HR job posting tool being launched – how boring!” However, WorkJam is unlike anything being offered in the market. Let me explain a little bit…

The HR industry has gone through several waves of innovation over the past 20 years and increasingly so over the past 2-3 years with new cloud-based employee management systems. However, recruitment and shift management in sectors that employ hourly workers have had very little technological advancement.

  •  To find a job in a restaurant or store, people still need to sift through job posting sites, print stacks of CV’s to hand out or get lucky by hearing about a job opening from a friend.
  • At the same time, companies in the service industry do not have a good control on the quality of hiring and efficiency of staffing in the field. Peak periods are often a scramble for resources. It’s costly, time consuming and inefficient.
  • Once a job seeker gets hired, it’s also very difficult for the employer to manage shifts and changes in calendar. Most retail stores I walk into are still managing this at the door level by paper and pen or through disparate spreadsheets with very few controls in place.

WorkJam is solving these problems and significantly altering the overall picture of hourly Human Resource Management. We will help employers save a material amount of money and resolve many lost opportunities in their operations. However, the beauty of this business is that we will also be helping temporary and part-time workers, the majority of whom are young adults, to enter the workforce and make money while maintaining a schedule that fits their needs and work with organizations that match their preferences.

Building a consumer-focused application with an enterprise backend is no easy task. Regardless of our focus, there are few end-to-end applications with similar characteristics. We love the idea of creating a new category of software.

We have spent significant time working with Job Seekers and Employers on their requirements. We have an extremely experienced team working hard to getting ready for our launch. This research and industry experience has allowed us to skip the traditional “startup minimal viable product”. Our launch will be robust, it will have depth and it will be commercial-grade and ready for small and large enterprises.

Internally, we like to look at our offering in terms of donuts and pastries. To explain what we are building and how we differentiate from competitive options, I offer the following diagram.


Fragmented Competitor Offerings

Minimal Viable Product

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WorkJam is the platform industry leaders choose for true frontline orchestration: task management, training, communications, staffing, and more.