Dec 07, 2021

Maximize Your Workforce Retention and Productivity

If you do an internet search for “Labor Shortage 2021”, you will find over 4 million news articles on the subject that’s up 10-fold vs. any recent year. And while you don’t need Google to tell you that there is heavy competition for workers, it is interesting to know that this has been a trending concern for years, and now it’s here as if it’s making up for lost time!

Employers behind the curve are paying the price and trying all methods and approaches to sail through this perfect storm.

In fact, according to Gartner®, by 2025, at least two of the top 10 global retailers will create A SHARING ECONOMY SERVICE for store-level associates to address workforce challenges.”

But why wait when you can do that right now?

WorkJam and Manpower Group’s Talent Solutions RPO – have partnered to help you attract and retain the talent you need today for the workforce of the future.

When you add WorkJam you get our Frontline Digital Workplace that sits on top of your existing WFM/HCM platform and enables your workforce to pick shifts across the region with our exclusive Open Shift Marketplace technology.

What’s that you say – you have labor sharing already within your WFM provider?

Most of our customers thought so too, but if you look closely at your WFM configuration and the overall technical design of WFM systems, most employers realize that while they have optimized schedules, they are optimized from an employee’s home-location perspective. In most situations, if you wanted an employee to work at another location, it would require management manual intervention from the sending manager, a few phone calls, and then approval from the receiving manager. WorkJam automates all of this and more.

You can also onboard and upskill your workforce with our Employee Learning module to expand their ability to take on more workload. Incentivize and track their progress. And of course, with our task and communication tools, you can make sure they are supported, informed, and enabled to do their best.

And what if you could add market-leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to the equation?

You can! Talent Solutions RPO offers a complete solution that sits within and aside WorkJam. Talent Solutions RPO sources and attracts the high-volume or specialized blue-collar and white-collar talent, including hard-to-reach, niche, and diverse candidates that employers need now. They work within your systems and are white-labeled within your brand, building your employment brand while filling roles with on-time quality talent.

Automate and simplify application and onboarding

Attract qualified passive talent through digital and social recruitment marketing

As technological disruption and growing talent shortages increase the complexity of workforce needs, WorkJam with Talent Solutions RPO helps organizations access, manage, and align talent to drive business outcomes.

Access the best talent for your organization with WorkJam and Talent Solutions RPO.

About the author:

Steven Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

Steven is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive leadership experience in founding and scaling companies developing disruptive, enterprise-class technologies. In 1999, Steven co-founded iCongo, a leading global software provider for omni-channel retail and B2B commerce solutions, which merged with hybris Software in 2011 and became the largest independent provider of e-commerce solutions with 27 offices worldwide, 1000+ employees and more than 600 customers. Steven was part of the Executive Management team and Board Member at hybris. hybris Software was purchased by SAP in 2013. While working with companies on their omni-channel strategies, Steven identified a gap between traditional workforce management systems and how companies actually hire, schedule and manage their frontline employees. With this in mind, Steven co-founded WorkJam.

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