New Year, New System

December 28, 2022 / WorkJam Blog

As the New Year quickly approaches, resolutions are on the mind. While you may be starting a journal or going to the gym on January 1st, frontline organizations have some different priorities, like how to effectively and efficiently manage and delegate tasks.


When we think about the success of a frontline organization, there are a lot of factors, but two big ones are employee retention and an efficient system for task completion. These two things really go hand-in-hand: happy employees are much more productive and proactive, and your employees won’t be happy if they are drowning in unorganized tasks.


Task management can really be a double edged sword; on one side you have a management team that has a never ending list of tasks that need to be delegated, and on the other side, you have the frontline worker who needs to complete these tasks. Although it can be a straightforward and organized process, for many frontline organizations, it is not, due to an antiquated and unorganized system.


For many retail workers, the current system for task management goes something like this: their manager asks them to complete a task, and from then on, it is up to the employee to keep track of the task and make sure it is completed. While this seems simple enough, let’s factor in the list of tasks that they are already working on, tight timeframes, and a busy store. Now, it’s not so straightforward.


Employees and managers are often expected to be doing multiple things at once, but have no written instructions or formal list of what’s expected of them, and naturally, things fall through the cracks and don’t get completed. Not only is this a frustrating way of doing things for the individual, but it harms the overall success of the organization, and doesn’t keep your frontline workers happy!


So, what can you do about it? Well, a digital frontline workplace absolutely does the trick. It’s a one-stop-shop for task management: an organized list of tasks, what’s expected of each one, and managers can even delegate them right from their mobile device. This year, you don’t have to have frustrated employees and uncompleted tasks! New year, new system: a digital frontline workplace.

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