Nov 30, 2023

A Digital Frontline Workplace Offers Schedule Flexibility, Less Financial Stress & Solves Worker Shortages

Worker flexibility has been a hot topic for desk-based workers, especially as in-office work is starting to rebound. But recently, the conversation is heating up for frontline workers because of massive labor shortages. This is leaving employers scrambling to understand how to attract and keep workers.

The solution — focus on schedule flexibility and relieving financial stress as part of a comprehensive wellness program. To do that, implementing a Digital Frontline Workplace, with self-service shift management and early access to wages earned, is key.

What is a Digital Frontline Workplace?

A Digital Frontline Workplace is a Super App that combines multiple aspects of the employees’ workday and makes them digital and accessible. These aspects include tasking and workflows, communication, learning, shift management, early access to wages earned, intranet/knowledge base, and employee recognition.

By reducing the amount of systems an employee has to access and increasing knowledge, a Digital Frontline Workplace can make employees more productive, increase engagement, and in turn, positively impact customer service.

Schedule Flexibility

Schedule flexibility means supplying a way to pick up shifts, swap shifts, and give away shifts. In the era of the “gig economy” workers have power of choice. When a child is sick or care needs to be given to an elderly parent, workers need to have this flexibility.

Relieving Financial Stress

Financial stress is one of the biggest causes of anxiety, stress, and illness for hourly workers. By supplying early access to wages earned, financial stress can be reduced. According to Federal Reserve research, 40% of adults cannot cover an emergency expense costing $400. Many hourly workers are living paycheck to paycheck, providing these benefits through a Digital Frontline Workplace, as part of a holistic wellness program, will make the difference in attracting and keeping talent.

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