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September 19, 2023 / Introduction to the three-part Rethink Productivity Podcast series

WorkJam recently joined ReThink Co-Founder, Simon Hedaux, to discuss productivity and efficiency. The three-part podcast series showcases how frontline operators are connecting their frontline in the face of global challenges.


In episode one, Mark Williams, Managing Director of WorkJam EMEA, shares:

  1. Frontline challenges
  2. Technology’s role in transformation
  3. The power of targeted communication
  4. Meeting frontline employees where they are
Rethink Productivity Podcast

Listen to the full podcast episode:

In the podcast, Mark explains most organisations face a universal issue: the inability to communicate with frontline workers effectively. This communication gap can lead to missed opportunities, decreased efficiency, and hindered employee engagement.


What do enterprises fail to communicate? Tasks, training, work schedules, benefits, etc. Even with technology in place, enterprises often cannot reach their frontlines. Since frontline team members don’t have regular computer access, legacy desk-based technology has prevented operators from fully connecting with their frontline operations.


Mark highlights the pivotal role that WorkJam has played for our global customers, transforming frontline work. He aptly puts it, “WorkJam is the glue that brings together different aspects of an enterprise.” Bringing together HR, Operations, IT, and more, our core mission is to streamline frontline work.


Listen to the podcast episode to dive deeper into frontline opportunities, WorkJam’s target audience engine, mobile-first communication strategies, and future-proofing change management.

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