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Engaging the Frontline Workforce to Streamline Communication, Empower Employees & Simplify Task Management

September 29, 2023

Recently, WorkJam’s David Rogers joined ReThink for a podcast to discuss how organisations can optimise business operations by using technology to engage their frontline workforce by streamlining communication, empowering employees, and simplifying task management.


During this podcast, they explored the transformative power of a digital frontline workplace, both in terms of its impact on frontline workers and its ability to deliver significant ROI for businesses.

Rethink Productivity Podcast

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The Convergence of Frontline Engagement

Generally, frontline workers make up 80% or more of employees for organisations that have distributed locations. There is a critical need for engaging this workforce to reduce turnover, increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and ultimately, increase revenues. We all know the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of connecting with frontline employees to communicate, enable, motivate, and develop them effectively. According to the analyst firm, Gartner, frontline workers use an average of 11 applications to do their jobs. All these applications are challenging to integrate and create confusion and tech fatigue for frontline employees. Due to this, there is a need for a unified solution for frontline work and engagement — that’s where WorkJam comes in.

Podcast Takeaways

Here is a summary of the key takeaways and areas where WorkJam has demonstrated substantial value: 

  1. Freeing Up Manager’s Time: One of the most significant challenges for managers is getting consumed by back-office tasks. David shares that WorkJam can give back up to 15% of a manager’s time, enabling them to focus on mentoring, motivating, and engaging with customers. This translates directly to hours saved and bottom-line revenue for the location. Multiplying manager productivity across your distributed network can result in an ROI that more than pays for the solution.


  2. Empowering the Frontline: With WorkJam, frontline workers can complete tasks more efficiently, resulting in thousands of hours returned to the frontline. This leads to quicker task completion and enhanced customer experiences.


  3. Improving Employee Retention: In today’s competitive hiring market, WorkJam has proven to increase employee retention by 1% to 5%, resulting in significant savings — not to mention more knowledgeable workers. It also facilitates enhanced employee development and engagement through gamification and peer-to-peer learning.


  4. Reducing Product Recalls: WorkJam helps reduce product recalls from days to minutes, minimising potential losses and safeguarding the brand’s reputation.


  5. Optimising Wastage: Even small reductions in wastage have a direct impact on the bottom line. WorkJam empowers employees to become brand evangelists, improving customer experiences and building trust.

David went on to highlight a couple of additional benefits the WorkJam solution delivers to provide tangible value to its clients, including: 

  • Simplicity of Deployment: WorkJam’s modular approach allows for quick deployment and lets you grow and expand as you need or want to. For instance, the Communications Module can be implemented in as little as a few weeks, even at scale. Then you can add other modules, like Learning or Task Management when you have the need or time. WorkJam’s lean and focused deployment strategy ensures that clients can start realising value rapidly without the need for lengthy implementation timelines. 
  • Task Automation & Target Audience: Two unique features of WorkJam are task automation and target audience. The target audience feature tailors’ communication and tasks to individual employees, ensuring they only receive relevant information to their role or location — reducing the noise and frustration of information overload. Task automation streamlines workflows, generating tasks based on specific criteria, and can integrate with other systems like IoT devices, providing real-time insights and alerts. 
Interested in discovering more? Explore how Aramark leveraged WorkJam to revolutionise its frontline operations.

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