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July 10, 2023 / Managers are being squeezed

Road trips. Barbeques. Outdoor concerts. Vacations. Time-off requests. Summer is here.


Although summertime can be great for sales, scheduling woes can leave frontline or field managers longing for their own vacations.


Welcome to the first of three blogs about summer scheduling. In the blog series, we will (summer)break down three facts about scheduling:

  1. Managers are getting squeezed – it’s a difficult job, and they are stretched thin
  2. Hourly workers want flexibility – flexible schedules require frontline input
  3. Your employees want to work – employees are willing to work on their terms


Part 1 of 3:


Managers are being squeezed


Manual time-off requests, call-outs, and shift-swapping burdens managers.


Managers often collect requests via texts, calls, emails, and on-floor conversations. Then they jump back to their WFM tool and input, rearrange, then publish. This kickstarts the next cycle of adjustments.


Managers need a less active role (not less visibility, less active) in schedule augmentation.


Free up managers by empowering hourly workers to use self-service tools to trade, drop, and pick up open shifts. Include managers at the front end of schedule building and as approvers on schedule changes, but eliminate their need to oversee the entire process.


Our customers say managers save 2 hours weekly using WorkJam for shift management — that’s 5% of their work week. For an organization with 50,000 employees and a 1:20 manager-to-hourly-employee ratio, that’s 260,000 hours annually. What could you do with 260,000 extra manager hours?


Managers are free to lead with less manager time going toward schedule management.


Are you looking to WorkJam your frontline for the first time? Reach out to us with the form below. Ask us how we can give your managers 5% of their time back — those are summer savings that don’t end (no limited-time offer here).

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