Aug 11, 2021

The Quickest And Smartest Route To Transform Your Organization And Improve Productivity

Workforce management platforms are a crucial pillar of business operations. Given their direct connection to employee pay, adoption traditionally runs high. Their mobile applications…are another story.

While they can be well received by the workforce, poor user experiences often push employees back to manual processes, and their singular use inadvertently stymies adoption. Each additional app employees have to log in to jeopardizes the success of other initiatives like mobile learning, communications, or task management.

That is where WorkJam comes in: we integrate seamlessly with any major and minor Workforce Management platform on the market – today. In fact, WorkJam has been successfully deployed across the spectrum from Tanda to UKG Dimensions.

The ability to synchronize back-office systems like WFM to mobile digital workplace platforms provides organizations with unparalleled abilities to streamline operations and ensure compliance for their entire workforce and on any device — smartphones, desktops, tablets, kiosks, etc.

WorkJam delivers mobile punch, employee self-service, market-leading task management, site audits, crowdsourced staffing, micro-learning, and targeted communication — all in one application. Alternatively, its full functionality can be delivered within a collaboration platform like Salesforce and MS Teams.

By wholly addressing the needs of the frontline, WorkJam’s unified platform compounds productivity and compliance. Organizations in retail, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution take their WFM investment to the next level as operational leaders orchestrate their frontline workforce.

Communicate in real-real time with all employees

Ensure corporate, managers, and employees are informed and up-to-date. Military-grade security and encryption technology allow your organization can safely communicate o targeted audiences.

Evolve key skills and knowledge

Move beyond Learning Management Systems: provide engaging, interactive training that’s highly targeted and relevant to each non-desk employee’s role, from onboarding to continued development. Equip employees with traditional & micro-training content, and reinforce those lessons further with quizzes, surveys, trivia, and polls to foster a culture of personal growth. Automatically track completions and progress while freeing up managers to focus on worker empowerment and nurturing performance—leading to higher productivity and better business results.

Improve customer coverage with crowd-staffing

What does an employee do when they are unable to work a shift and cannot find coverage?

They call it off. WorkJam helps avoid that worst-case scenario by delivering 5 shift-swap methods when WFM platforms often offer just one. You also get the ability to broadcast open shifts beyond home locations, enabling employees to find shifts across the location or across the region, all while still following scheduling compliance requirements.

Motivate and reward employees

Enable employees to build a career; with gamified learning and badges, you can recognize employee achievements, provide motivation, and create a record of skills and training. Badges can be used to identify employees for senior roles and promotions as well as inform scheduling details. When employees have objective opportunities to grow and earn more, they will help create and reinforce a culture of excellence.

Ensure compliance with task management & location audits

Roll out tasks and workflows to all your locations, and in real-time, know where you stand. Auto-scoring each locations helps you and incentivizes location managers to excel on the leaderboard. Conduct location walks with ease. Report down as well as up – in just moments, assigning awards or corrective actions as needed. Make sure all locations represent the vision 100%. Empower each location to report with photos and video. Track each incident as it occurs. Manage and assist your staff in real-time with best-practice training and support communications. Measure each location’s proficiency against their performance. Make informed decisions and focus on key areas of need to ensure consistency.

About the author:

Steven Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

Steven is a technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive leadership experience in founding and scaling companies developing disruptive, enterprise-class technologies. In 1999, Steven co-founded iCongo, a leading global software provider for omni-channel retail and B2B commerce solutions, which merged with hybris Software in 2011 and became the largest independent provider of e-commerce solutions with 27 offices worldwide, 1000+ employees and more than 600 customers. Steven was part of the Executive Management team and Board Member at hybris. hybris Software was purchased by SAP in 2013. While working with companies on their omni-channel strategies, Steven identified a gap between traditional workforce management systems and how companies actually hire, schedule and manage their frontline employees. With this in mind, Steven co-founded WorkJam.

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