What is Employee Enablement?

Dec 1, 2021 / Employee Enablement Blog

2023 Update: Employee enablement cannot occur with a disconnected frontline. Because digital transformation has left frontline, hourly workers behind, the first step is connecting your workforce.


According to Forrester: 73% of enterprises report digital transformation has not reached their frontline


How do you do that in an enterprise with thousands of employees in hundreds of locations? Technology that provides a unique experience per employee based on all of their attributes.

Once the connection is established, enablement and engagement becomes possible. 


There’s a lot of discussion these days about how important engaged employees are to a business’ success. But how do you engage your employees? Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to increase employee satisfaction and retention.


For better or worse, many employees now see companies as service providers where they can leverage and develop their skills. A company that doesn’t offer the development opportunities employees want will see many of them leave, and quickly. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here’s how to improve employee effectiveness and retention through employee enablement.


Employee Engagement versus Employee Enablement


Your employees are more than just workers who clock in and clock out. They’re your brand advocates too. When they feel they work for a company that respects them, your employees will spread the word about your products and/or services, whether through social media or speaking with their family and friends. Of course, if they don’t like that the same channels of communication can damage your brand.


Engaged employees understand their place in the company and how they contribute to your success. More than that, they feel part of that success. Employee engagement ensures your team is as committed to your company’s future as you are, because your achievements are their achievements.


So how is employee enablement different? Enablement improves the employee experience by providing access to continuous learning and professional growth tools. Employee engagement is a worthy goal, but you need to give your employees what they need to be part of your success. Otherwise, you may find your efforts lead to frustrated employees who don’t know how to perform and achieve quality results.


Essentially, employee enablement is the driving force of engagement. Click here to read on.

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