Dec 07, 2021

What is the “Digital Employee Experience” Anyway?

It feels like everything today is mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere.

The white-collar employee experience is now immersed in digital training, team building, and collaboration—sometimes at the cost of face-to-face interaction.

But what about employees at brick-and-mortar stores? Their workdays still look largely as they used to: working on-location, engaging in-person with co-workers, and helping customers face-to-face. You might think that the “Digital Employee Experience” is a far-off reality for retail employees. You would be wrong.

Frontline employees now expect to access their schedule at any time, from any device, from anywhere. Viewing schedules, managing shifts, updating availability, and requesting time off from mobile devices are now table-stakes. A digital experience as convenient and intuitive as possible for workers is no longer optional.

But the digital employee experience for frontline workers goes beyond the traditional WFM feature set. It now activities as varied as training, two-way communication, messaging, recognition, and more need to be part of any comprehensive solution. Employee mobility platforms like WorkJam create a gateway that can both engage your employees and create a more intuitive front-end for your workforce management system.

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Executive Vice President

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