Why You Need to Pull the Employee Experience Lever

January 26, 2023 / WorkJam Blog

Coming out of NRF, we shared a global survey of leading enterprise retailers that proved why  employee experience is the most important actionable item that retailers (and all frontline organizations, for that matter) need to focus on in 2023. The WorkJam commissioned Forrester study confirms what our partners and clients know — a Digital Frontline Workplace increases productivity and leads to better business results.    


Per our Forrester study, “Across sectors, 92% of survey respondents identified the frontline experience as important to achieving their organizational goals in the next year, but only 36% ranked improving it as one of their top three operational goals and only 9% ranked it as their top goal”. Even though these respondents are ranking EX high on their priority list, frontline associates are not feeling or seeing this sentiment, because they are not actually investing in it. This is because business owners feel that they must choose between the overall success of their business and EX, when our Forrester study finds that the opposite is true: EX is the lever that drives success. 


“Nearly three quarters (74%) of decision makers across industries say frontline employees are rejecting work conditions that went unchallenged just two years ago and 80% say frontline turnover has increased”. Frontline workers are actively seeking a workplace that does invest in them and fits with their needs. Turnover is extremely expensive and hurts the bottom line of organizations greatly. Investing in your frontline and making them a priority will revolutionize your frontline. 


It’s clear that improving EX is essential, but how is this done? A Digital Frontline Workplace covers all the bases. Scheduling & flexible scheduling, employee learning, task management and communications., you name it. All in one super app. It’s time to start investing in your people. 

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