WorkJam Supercharges the Frontline with New Product Releases

January 16, 2023

True to its mission of future-proofing frontline operations, WorkJam is ringing in the new year with three new product releases on its 2024 roadmap designed to enhance enterprise customers’ digital workforce management experience. These innovations, embedded in the super app’s core technology, offer administrators and managers real-time analytics insights, extensive audit and tasking capabilities, and a digital dashboard for on location knowledge transfer and optimized operations.  


Let’s unpack these product features: 

1. Site Coach - Employees’ Digital Dashboard & At-a-Glance Shift Guide

Optimized for tablets on location at stores, this feature hosts a dashboard with all local information the site staff need to know on-site: tasks, schedules, messages, trainings … Frontliners can clock in and use this digital dashboard as a point of reference for quick knowledge transfer, especially during shift changes and high-traffic times

2. Analytics Insights Reports – Better Data Visualizations for Forward-Looking Insights

WorkJam’s new Insight Reports provide enhanced data visualizations field leaders need to better understand their workflows, measure how their branch performing, and analyze how their teams are stacking up against business goals. These reports also give administrators and stakeholders at HQ real-time analytic insights into the store network performance, enabling them to act and share knowledge across the business for higher performance and better business outcomes.  

3. Extensive Audit Capabilities – Energized Task Management

WorkJam’s intelligent tasking and extensive audit workflows improves audit controls, compliance, and stakeholder visibility for line of site at headquarters. This feature promotes operational excellence and efficiency for time-strapped district and field leaders, allowing them to focus on performance and results. Advanced controls allow field managers to quickly review audit and task answers, sign off on the task, and submit their work. In turn, audit results trigger automatic follow up steps including task and training assignments to improve performance. 


These product additions are designed with the increasingly complex compliance landscape in mind, offering enterprises the cutting-edge capabilities they need to operate more effectively and empower frontline teams. Insights Reports are being rolled out now and Site Coach and Audit features are anticipated later in the year.  

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