Shift Management

WorkJam provides a simple approach to managing the constant flow of shift trades and cancellations that managers need to deal with on a day-to-day basis. By empowering employees to manage their schedules and by bringing the schedule to their fingertips in a mobile device, employers can promote collaboration between staff and managers, making schedule changes a breeze.

Employee Self-Service

WorkJam allows employers to more easily gather changing associate availability for more accurate and profitable scheduling. With better availability information, improve your overall schedule coverage and enable associates to have more control over their work-life balance.

Open shifts

Broadcast open, unfilled shifts to employees based on targeted rules and priorities. Enable employees to pick up shifts at will to take control of their economic well-being and work-life balance, while operating within your company’s configurable rules.

Shift trades

Provide collaborative tools allowing employees to work together and with managers to trade shifts or adjust their work schedules while maintaining workflows, business rules and policies. Enable more manager time on the floor to drive sales and support the customer experience.

Schedule Maintenance

Dramatically simplify the front-end distribution and management of schedules and notification of changes, ensure legal compliance and align schedules to the fluctuating needs of your workforce. By enriching schedules with employee availability, skill and experience data, WorkJam creates the most accurate, optimized schedules for your business.

WorkJam Extend

WorkJam’s modular platform enables you to customize the scheduling solution to your business needs. Companies that already rely on workforce management (WFM) solutions should consider the WorkJam Extend package to maximize the value of their existing systems. Integrations are API-based, meaning getting started is quick and painless.

… vs. WorkJam Schedule

For employers that currently create schedules by hand, spreadsheets, or sub-standard systems, the WorkJam Schedule package offers an end-to-end, rules-based scheduling solution to create optimized labor allocations and reduce the scheduling errors that cause under- and overstaffing at the frontline.

Task Management

WorkJam’s Task Management allows for associate-level task distribution. Tasks can be standardized by head office or created by managers using WorkJam’s intuitive content management system to create clear instructions and include documents, videos and other digital assets. WorkJam’s guided tasks ensure work is being done properly along with detailed reporting, and the ability to capture videos and images for approval and verification.

With employee-level task management being a key component of our mobile-first digital workplace platform, WorkJam enables businesses and managers to better implement store-level campaigns and non-routine processes.  New product launches, surveys, training, marketing messages, and service offering launches from corporate can now easily make their way to the employees.

Mobile & Web Clock

Offer shift based employees a better way to clock in and an easier way to access time cards. Employees can clock in using smartphones or tablets, using their own personal devices or at a workplace kiosk. WorkJam’s web and mobile clock can extend existing time and attendance system or can be run standalone and integrated it with payroll providers.

WorkJam’s mobile and web clock can integrate with surveys and engagement tools to engage employees and gather valuable data points.

Messaging & Communication

WorkJam’s communication module enables head-office and managers to communicate directly with frontline workers to unlock the productivity benefits and superior customer service that happens when everyone in the enterprise is informed and moving in the same direction.

Secure & Enterprise-Ready

Consumer messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Groups just aren’t made for work. They share personal data, don’t integrate with other HR and WFM systems and fall short on enterprise security and encryption requirements. WorkJam is built with enterprise needs in mind to make communication easy and effective while protecting your business’ data and employees’ privacy.


Set up messaging channels to broadcast curated content and company news from head office to employees. Announce a new product or promotion, build knowledge of industry trends and immerse employees in company culture.


Segment the message or channel audience based on rich data including geo-location, skill/badge qualification, schedule assignments and more. Deliver targeted messaging for a more engaging, personalized experience.


Employees can always stay on top of the latest news, schedule changes and events with reminders and push notifications, delivered in-app, by email, and/or on their phones.

Training & Assessments

Training employees to be brand ambassadors and deliver superior customer service has never been easier than through WorkJam’s Learning Management System. Post training materials, which can include content and videos targeted at specific audiences, track completion and award digital badges based on assessment quizzes.

Integrated Content Management

With WorkJam’s training CMS, tie assessments to training materials, and build custom assessment questions in multiple formats. Create training packages for new employees and employees who are changing positions to onboard them quickly within your compliance parameters.


Publishing is simple – broadcast new training materials to the relevant audience, targeted based on profile qualifiers. Full franchisee support and ability to control distribution of training materials to specific franchisees.

Rewards & Recognition

Offer employees a way to advance through excellent performance, by tracking key metrics and rewarding achievements with badges. WorkJam’s customizable badging system can recognize employee achievement of multiple forms, including longevity in the company, customer service, reliability or other metrics.

Badges provide employers with information to inform scheduling (for example assigning shifts) or to identify employees for advancement into other roles such as store management. For the employee, badges provide motivation, feedback and become a record of skills and achievements that can be used to build a career.

Surveys & Polls

Throw away your traditional periodic performance reviews and employee surveys to measure work satisfaction and other elements of your operations. These methods provide only a narrow, isolated snapshot of current conditions while offering limited and outdated information.

WorkJam solves these issues by allowing for the creation and scheduling of targeted surveys and polls. The platform, in turn, provides head office and managers with real-time, actionable insights to help drive a value-creating performance management culture that will lead to worker empowerment, stronger individual performance, superior employee retention, and ultimately, better results.

Gamify Learning and Reviews

Launch Missions and Challenges to make learning, reviews and task management more effective within your organization. WorkJam allows you to recognize Employees for achievements through points and/or badges. Unlock next levels as Employees advance through the challenge. Direct Employees to additional instructional videos or other training material. Publish leaderboards for individuals, store or districts, etc. and drive behavior through incentives.

Social & Community

Encourage employee collaboration and brand advocacy. By fostering a sense of community and offering employees a way to speak out easily within their own networks, you can build an alignment between your employees and your organization.

Connect and protect

Connect employees to the company, while providing a safe and secure alternative to sharing personal email and telephone numbers. Protect employee privacy by allowing them to communicate with each other and management through the WorkJam system as a proxy for personal contact information.

Leverage social networks

Socially connected employees can elect to share news of their progress on social media. By making it easy for employees to post about badges and interesting channel content, businesses can help raise the company’s workplace reputation and increase the brand value.