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Knowing that Aimbridge encourages a belonging culture and a place for its team members to succeed and grow every day, our partnership with Hilton may pique your interest.


Given labor challenges are still an issue for most, Hilton was very focused on keeping its best people and ensuring consistent staffing levels to provide the best guest experience. 


The following problems, which many hospitality companies face, were essential for Hilton to solve:

  • Ensure adequate staffing levels by sharing team members across departments, locations, and brands
  • Hire and retain talent by offering growth opportunities
  • Boost team member satisfaction by providing flexible scheduling options
  • Increase engagement across the company by reaching frontline team members instantly and with relevant messages


Hilton partnered with WorkJam to tackle these challenges head-on with our all-in-one app for hourly team members.


WorkJam’s digital frontline workplace (including comms, task management, flexible scheduling, and accessible learning opportunities) seamlessly integrates with your current WFM platforms and tech environment to provide the reach, execution, and engagement to frontline team members through a single app.


We’d love to discuss Aimbridge’s current initiatives to see if we can support you on your digital transformation journey!

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