WorkJam and FedEx

Here to help you win, know, and grow

WorkJam believes in empowering your frontline by providing a safe, inclusive and rewarding place to work where growth and learning are prioritized.

WorkJam is the world leading digital frontline workplace, the only solution delivering all four pillars of the frontline employee experience:

  • Schedule
  • Task management
  • Learning
  • Communication

Operating under numerous technology systems is not only costly but can be confusing to the frontline workforce who need to log into multiple systems to access the information they need.

After reviewing FEDEX’s operations, we believe implementing WorkJam’s Communication and Scheduling modules across 2,200 FEDEX Office locations will directly impact FEDEX’s growth and reduce turnover. Giving your frontline workers the ability to simply log into one app allows for two-way communication that cuts through the noise. It also allows them to check their schedules, swap, and pick up shifts which boosts productivity and employee retention.

Download our whitepaperAdvice from the Manufacturer’s Frontline: 5 Ways the Retailers Can Achieve More with Less” for a deeper understanding on how WorkJam can help FEDEX.

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