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There are a million different aspects that go into putting on a great show, but engaged employees are crucial to creating WOW! Experiences.


At WorkJam, we want to ensure that your frontline teams can focus on delivering WOW! Experiences and not worried about where to get their schedules, how to find out the latest HR communications, how to get in touch with their managers, or what tasks need to be accomplished during their shifts.


Find out how MGM Resorts can create more WOW! Experiences


WorkJam is the world leader in the digital frontline workplace. We are equipping teams at places like Hilton, Starbucks, Panda Express, ULTA Beauty, and more with a single tool for scheduling, training, tasks, communications, and more.  


With WorkJam, you will be able to deliver on all of your strategic pillars: 


Fostering Diversity & Inclusion 


In study after study, one of the most important success factors for frontline teams is the ability to have flexible scheduling. With WorkJam, we make the ability to swap, drop, and pick up shifts easy. WorkJam also ensures engagement and inclusion by delivering communications in your employees’ native language. 


Investing in Our Communities 


By investing in your communities, you are not only investing in the communities that you live and play in, but you are also investing in the communities in which you work. WorkJam’s communications platform allows for greater collaboration among teams, across brands and locations, allowing you to “win together.” In addition, we facilitate training journeys and ensure that your frontlines are up to date on compliance trainings like responsible gaming practices and ServSafe certifications.  


Protecting the Planet 


WorkJam also eliminates the need for paper communications. By delivering communications directly to the employee, you eliminate paper and printing costs, saving you not only money but also saving you time and the planet. We might not be able to help you achieve your 2030 goals of sourcing 100% cage-free eggs or sourcing 100% renewable energy, but we can help you in your goal to reduce your carbon emissions.  


Forbes, Black Enterprise, and the Military Times already say you’re a great place to work. Let’s continue to build on that strategy of excellence and equip your 83,000 employees with a fully branded MGM digital workplace.  


Let’s start the show! 


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