Root your #PacFamily in authenticity and keep everyone connected

Whether it is a passion for culture and lifestyle or a passion for results-driven work, customer centricity, and authenticity.


PacSun is all about passion.


With that passion, your teams have the desire and need to be connected to their #PacFamily. 


WorkJam is a culture connecter. Our digital frontline workplace will connect your #PacFamily through communications, trainings, scheduling, task-management, and more, all delivered directly to their mobile devices. 


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WorkJam ensures your team has:

  • Easy communications between your frontlines and your Anaheim HQ.
  • Flexible scheduling options. Your employees will be able to easily swap, drop, and switch shifts. 
  • Upskill and train employees to be ready for the next level of leadership.
  • Streamline SOPs and ensure your teams stay customer-centric through a digital task-management system that is customized by location.


WorkJam will allow you to inspire and positively impact your frontline teams. 


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Jim Shields

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