Unlock the Potential of Your Frontline Workforce

WorkJam is the world’s first digital frontline workplace that gives your frontline all the tools they need for communications, task & audit, learning and scheduling – all in one flexible app. 

By leveraging WorkJam, Perdue Farms can centralize trainings into one app, cut down on manual processes, streamline operations and boost company culture. Plus, WorkJam integrates with your WFM so you don’t have to change how the way you work. 

WorkJam improves the following problems for Perdue Farms

  • Driving to Zero Injuries:  Provide on-the-job trainings, new health and safety regulations with easy access to video.  Trigger task and audit workflows based on safety incidents. Reach everyone or any group in real-time.   
  • Employee Turnover and Training: Provide onboarding tracks, improved communications, express pay and flexible scheduling to keep your employees happy and engaged.  

WorkJam addresses all your needs for frontline employees and managers and grows with you: buy only what you need, when you need it!

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