Add Flavor to the Frontlines

What began as a handshake between Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming has flourished into a 300+ global enterprise. Since your beginning, P.F Chang’s has known that flavor is more than just the way your food tastes. It is how you speak, act, and live each day.


We want to empower you and your teams to continue to be bold when and where it counts.


At WorkJam, we believe that bold companies are investing in their frontlines and giving their frontline teams a dynamic employee experience. In turn, this “flavor” is passed on to your guests, allowing you to stay a cut above your competitors.


Download a document made just for you and your team at P.F Changs.


WorkJam delivers all the tools your frontline workers need in a single app:

  • Learning
  • Communication
  • Task Management
  • Schedule
  • and more


Across the country, restaurants like Portillos, Panda Express, Starbucks, and more use WorkJam to ensure operational excellence, improve communications and collaboration, and keep a pulse on their frontlines through anonymous surveys and polls, closing the gap between their stores.


What does a Day in the Life of an Engaged Server at PF Chang’s look like? Download Here


As you continue to look to the future and celebrate life, family, and food, I hope that WorkJam can be a part of your journey.


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Mark Acre 

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