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Now, is the opportunity to “Lead from the Front”

With a Frontline Digital Workplace in the hands of all your employees, not just the managers, you can execute a single platform for all your frontline worker’s needs driving adoption and transformation. A good digital workplace can tie into any back-office solution, allowing you to present one user interface to the frontline, and giving you the flexibility to upgrade/change any back-office system without interrupting the daily objectives of your frontline. Once you deploy a digital workplace, you have a single point of truth for the frontline. Adoption is high, engagement remains high, and your Digital Transformation will deliver what it promises rather than falling at the frontline hurdle.  

One app. One change. One Frontline Digital Workplace.

Digital Transformation and the Frontline Worker

The Frontline Worker is a critical consideration in any change program, and it’s the most significant opportunity. First, the Frontline Worker has a considerable impact on the customer experience. They are the face of your business and a critical factor in your operational performance. The degree of training and communication you provide is directly correlated to how well they will do their job in the eyes of your consumer. Thus, their change experience is crucial to the overall success of your Digital Transformation. Yet typically employers or brand managers have no direct connection or relationship with the staff at the frontline.

Second, the Frontline Worker is impacted by many different systems within your organization. They interact with HR systems, payroll, learning systems, and performance. They need to see schedules, change shifts, request holidays, call in sick. Execution starts at the front, so systems such as Task Management are essential for the frontline worker. For these areas, you may have one or many solutions deployed through which employees work. These separate systems that make up your current frontline digital experience need to be considered while designing and implementing any change program.

Lead from the Front

One way to ensure that your Frontline workers become more productive is to “Lead from the Front” – start with the frontline in mind and give them the tools to deliver your objectives every day.

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