Food Service: Boost repeat business and create a pleasurable dining experience

Unleash the potential of your frontline workforce with WorkJam. 

Attrition levels in the food services industry hit a whopping 74.9% in 2018. Frontline employees struggle with careers where they feel a lack of engagement and, as such, leave after only a few months. 

Managers find themselves stuck in a cycle of hiring and training staff every few months. It eats up both time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. Even worse, the customer experience suffers as a result. 

WorkJam helps keep employees engaged. We provide a single solution that enables workers to take control of their careers. WorkJam makes it easier for employees to: 

  • Get clear and concise training that’s fun, not a chore. 
  • Be in charge of their schedule and earnings  
  • Find and swap open shifts 

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