How can Merchandisers Establish a Direct Line of Communication to the Frontline?

WorkJam for Merchandising

Merchandisers and Vendors are essential to the retailer landscape, but they are siloed with few processes and tools that enable them to collaborate and work with the stores together effectively. Merchandisers often have little contact with frontline employees, while associates have no way to ask questions or get product knowledge.

So how do you get associates informed and excited about upcoming product launches and promotions? And what do you think it would mean to the business if more associates were engaged this way?

With WorkJam’s Digital Workplace, the merchandising experience changes completely. By building connections between corporate, merchandisers, vendors, managers, and frontline employees, WorkJam ensures that everybody is passionate about the products on the shelves. Communicating pertinent bite-sized and easily digestible product posts and micro-learnings onto the shop floor enables your teams like never before. Giving associates product knowledge helps them be more engaged and delivers better product sell-through as customers receive an exceptional experience every time.

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