How to Deliver on our Annual Promises to the Workplace – for 2021 and Ever-after

On-Demand Webinar

What might the workplace of the future look like for frontline and remote workers? As the pandemic grew throughout 2020, a number of organizations thrived in unprecedented ways–fueled by an unrelenting mindset to deliver on their value proposition for their team members. Companies were forced to create a resilient, digitally-enabled workplace that provides frontline and remote workers with timely training, communication, and clarity about what is expected of them. Employees increasingly depended on coordinating their work schedules with the demands of their family lives, which made it more critical than ever to voice their concerns to company leadership.

Join WorkJam’s Stacey Ferreira and Mike Zorn in their examination of the best practices on how to deliver a vibrant, thriving, and healthy workplace in 2021 and beyond.