IO Composer

Data Sheet

WorkJam IO Composer is a seamless orchestration tool that connects, transforms, and posts data to and from WorkJam APIs. IO Composer’s pre-built connector library allows for lightning-fast, visual integration with any system or technology. This allows for accelerated real-time integration of data between WorkJam and countless other systems, platforms, IoT devices/equipment, and more — truly limitless possibilities.

IO Composer makes it easy for businesses to automate processes within WorkJam or with any other cloud stack. But process automation is only half the picture. IO Composer also automates data-sharing, pulling everything from automated email and SMS messaging to your IoT devices into simple and elegant workflows. Enterprise systems, IoT equipment, and WorkJam modules can automatically communicate — and automatically inform each other’s processes. And all at lightning speed.

WorkJam IO Composer makes your processes faster, smarter, and better — easily and securely. Complete the short form to download the data sheet.