Reopening the Doors: Why Task Management Should Play a Central Role

On-Demand Webinar: Reopening the Doors: Why Task Management Should Play a Central Role

On-Demand Webinar

Now is the time to get your tasks in order. As your response to the pandemic moves into a recovery phase, task management needs to be the focal operational point of your plan for resilience, especially in a solution that can do a whole lot more for your business.

What do the pre-opening days entail? How many pre-open days are there going to be? How do we confirm all critical steps have been taken? Now more than ever, you need to drive that direction with clear steps and real-time confirmations. WorkJam enables you to do just that, in real-time, with your entire frontline workforce. We have collaborated with leading global brands to help develop our Task Management module as part of our Digital Workplace.

Companies like Shell and Ulta Beauty are using WorkJam’s Task Management as part of the Frontline Digital Workplace Platform to navigate the current crisis and align over 1.5 million frontline associates across 35 countries towards the same goal: remaining safe while providing essential services for their customers. Communicate, survey, and quickly train your teams at scale while receiving real-time reports from your frontline on the progress of task assignments.

Within 5 days, you, too, can be up and running with the only proven enterprise-class, mobile-based frontline digital workplace solution designed to facilitate enterprise and leadership readiness for frontline operations and ensure all tasks get done. For example:

• Mark the floor using tape to allow for social distancing

• Complete Daily Health & Safety inspection checks

• Confirm the completion of markdowns and add these steps into Associate schedules

• Set every other register for operations with protection screens & ample disinfectant

Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam, a Digital Workplace Solution provider for companies with large non-desk workforces, shows how to open the lines of communication to keep your employees on task, safe, informed, and engaged. Complete the form to access an On-Demand Webinar, Slides, and a supporting document that shares 55 Ways to Use WorkJam During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Together, these items form a blueprint to help you manage your workforce now while making sure you are prepared for the months ahead.