Utilizing a Digital Workplace in a Franchise Model

White paper

79% of customers say they want a personalized in-store experience. For franchise organizations, the key to keeping customers satisfied is ensuring a consistent customer journey – every time at every location. 

However, in most franchise organizations, corporate doesn’t have a direct connection to frontline workers, which means training, compliance, and corporate communication are difficult timplement. This results in a lackluster frontline workforce that feels disconnected from the organization. 

How can franchise organizations stand out to customers in a competitive market while keeping employees engaged? By utilizing a digital workplace configured to the unique structure of your organization. 

Download the white paper and learn: 

  1. How to ensure your customers are always pleased when they visit any of your sites 
  2. The secret to lowering attrition and turnover  
  3. The best way to ensure adoption of new technologies in a franchise model  

When your entire organization is strategically aligned and operating efficiently, your customers will notice the difference. 

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