Webinar: Rapid Crisis Response and Operational Execution For Grocery

The grocery business is a fast-paced and operationally sophisticated business that just got a lot more complex. You are probably in a situation where you need to communicate information and procedures out to the frontline, both new hires, and seasoned employees alike.

Would a complete digital workplace solution for your frontline employees that’s operational by next week help? We have an on-demand webinar just for you.

In this on-demand webinar, we review the best practices for rapid engagement and response to your frontline. We also show how you can quickly establish a single source of truth and make sure critical updates reach your associates, enabling company-wide, secure frontline communication.   

In addition, we detail how with this single solution, available through any mobile device or desktop, you will be able to attain tools designed to execute more efficiently and collaboratively, here are just a few of the benefits:

• Crowdsourced Shift Coverage—Get coverage from across town or the district
• Task Management with Store Audit & Incident Management 
• Realtime Analytic Reporting & WFM integrations
• And there is a lot more 

You’ll also see how we can enable your entire organization in as little as 5 days with a suite of tools that deliver: 

• Optimized Onboarding & Micro-Learning
• Realtime Messaging & Collaboration
• Mandatory Messaging & Response
• Pulse Surveys & Polls
• Badges, Gamification & Leaderboards
• Targeted Channel Communications 

Watch the recording to understand how leading global brands with thousands of locations live and operational in over 30 countries and languages are leveraging the Frontline Digital Workplace to their advantage.