May 09, 2019

Avis Budget Group Unleashes the Power of Its Workforce Through New WorkJam and JDA Partnership

Digital workplace provider WorkJam and JDA Software Inc. have partnered to enable employers to manage, optimize, engage and evolve their front-line teams from both the top down and the bottom up.

Through the integration of WorkJam and the JDA Workforce Management platform, not only will hourly employers be able to create optimized schedules against advanced forecasting and workforce management capabilities, they will also be able to close their availability and coverage gap. Additionally, retailers will be able to extend to their front-line teams the tools they need to deliver communications, micro-learning, gamification and agile staffing — all while complying with ever-changing labor regulations and union work rules.

Avis Budget Group, a global provider of mobility solutions, is already using the new integration to unleash the power of its workforce.

“When it comes to our front-line workforce, we’ve come to rely on the powerful combination of WorkJam and JDA,” said Phillip Chen, director of Workforce Planning for Avis Budget Group. “Not only are our managers enjoying the benefits of optimized labor via JDA Workforce Management capabilities, but our employees love what WorkJam brings such as communications, mobile access to punching, shift picking, swapping, and shift bidding — ensuring we always have the customer covered. We have found that a better employee experience means a better customer experience.”

One of the main outcomes from the combination of WorkJam’s Digital Workplace with the JDA Workforce Management platform is the evolution of a better skilled and proactive workforce. JDA Workforce Management creates a role-based master schedule, while WorkJam’s Open Shift Marketplace enables workers to pick and swap shifts not only within their home location, but beyond with the ability to pick and search other locations – ensuring customer coverage against changing employee availabilities. Any industry reliant on hourly workers will enjoy the benefits of shared labor, reductions in missed shifts and overtime expenses, and increased employee satisfaction.

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