May 12, 2015

From Hybris Veterans, WorkJam Aims to Solve Retail Scheduling

WorkJam launched what it describes as the first employee relationship management platform to solve critical problems in the hourly work economy and create huge economic benefit for businesses and advance the well-being and prosperity of hourly workers.

With WorkJam, line and store managers can holistically manage the employee-employer relationship life cycle – including sourcing, qualifying, hiring, onboarding, scheduling, engaging and evaluating employees. WorkJam also provides the only commercial platform that enables employers to build and optimize staffing schedules based not only on demand signals from multiple channels, but also based on employee availability, skills and compliance with regulatory requirements.

WorkJam was founded by Steven Kramer, Joshua Ostrega and Mark Sadegursky, technology industry veterans with a successful track record in building enterprise software companies, including e-commerce vendor Hybris Software which sold to SAP in 2013.

“Industries that rely on hourly workers currently lack the ability to manage each phase of the employee relationship life cycle through one integrated platform. From recruiting through scheduling, training, and engagement, the process is broken, resulting in massive value leakage that suppresses profitability across industries, especially the more than 2 million service companies in the United States where labor accounts for 20 to 70 percent of overall costs,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam.

“Hourly workers also lack the ability to manage and market their skills and match their availability to the needs of employers, often forcing them to make compromises that impact the quality of their lives.,” he continued. “This is both a business issue and a social issue, and will also increasingly be a legal issue as local governments pass new legislation to protect hourly workers from unpredictable scheduling.”

With WorkJam, employers will also have access to a market of people from which they can recruit and qualify candidates based on skills and availability. Conversely, employees seeking hourly positions that are part of this network can efficiently find positions, market their employability, and manage their availability. With WorkJam’s cloud-based platform, employers can accomplish what the fragmented landscape of workforce management, human capital management, and employee engagement technology has failed to achieve – to unlock the economic benefits and prosperity created by aligning their business needs with the interests of their employees.

“The most exciting aspect of WorkJam is that it creates a win-win for both businesses and hourly workers. Businesses benefit by lowering recruitment costs, improving attrition rates, optimizing labor in relation to demand signals, and improving the customer experience with happier, more engaged employees. Hourly workers can control their work-life balance, maximize their earnings, develop skills, and advance their economic well-being. By solving the disconnect in the employee-employer relationship, we can make the economy work for everyone – something we can all get on board with,” said Joshua Ostrega, COO of WorkJam.

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