Nov 13, 2017

WorkJam Unveils the Latest Release of its Next Generation Open Shift Marketplace Solution for Intelligent Crowdsourcing of Labor

Open Shift Prioritization Engine time releases available shifts based on seniority and prioritization rules

Las Vegas, NV — November 13, 2017— WorkJam, the leading Digital Workplace Platform, unveiled today at KronosWorks in Las Vegas, the latest release of its Open Shift Marketplace, the world’s most advanced enterprise shift bidding solution. WorkJam’s Open Shift Marketplace technology enables employers to create a marketplace of open shifts within their organization allowing for the crowdsourcing of internal labor across departments and locations.

The newest release of the Open Shift Marketplace functionality now includes the ability to:

  • Open new work opportunities to employees who are awarded digital badges for activities such as successfully completing training or achieving skills qualifications.
  • Instant creation and broadcasting of open shifts in real-time from a manager’s mobile device.
  • Time release open shifts based on seniority and other priority drivers such as individual sales results and job performance ratings.
  • Support union and collective bargaining agreement (CBA) requirements.
  • Simplify the management of multiple requests to fill open shifts through more configurable workflows.
  • Increase on-demand labor pools with participation of top performers from past seasonal labor.

WorkJam’s Open Shift Marketplace is used by employers to create their own on-demand labor pool to dramatically improve staffing accuracy and significantly lower labor costs. By supplementing scheduling efforts with the ability to target the offering of shifts to qualified employees, managers are empowered to more accurately meet their demand-driven labor requirements. Furthermore, the latest Open Shift Marketplace functionality addresses employers fluctuating labor needs while facilitating compliance with laws around fair labor standards and predictable scheduling.

With this new release, employers extend the benefits from the open shift marketplace by not only optimizing their labor allocation and lowering labor costs, but also by offering their employees the ability to have more tailored opportunities to pick up shifts that meet their needs giving them more control and flexibility over their work schedules and economic well-being; a true win-win situation.

“Absenteeism and attrition are natural results of disengaged employees who feel unable to manage and sustain their work-life balance,” said Will Eadie, VP Sales and Strategy at WorkJam. “However, with this latest release, it is now easier than ever for employers to offer their employees the ability to pick up certain shifts on their own based on a personalized and prioritized shift bidding experience. WorkJam continues to enhance the employee-employer experience, resulting in incredibly high levels of matching of employer and employee needs while driving down labor costs, absenteeism and attrition.”

“Traditional labor agreements have typically led to rigid scheduling processes. However today with this latest release, both the business and the employee gain flexibility while honoring union agreements,” said Mike Zorn, VP of Workplace Strategy at WorkJam and past SVP of Associate and Labor Relations at Macy’s. “Shifts can now be offered based on fluctuating demand, yet still allow those with seniority, certified skills or special agreements to get the first chance to take a shift. WorkJam is really changing how employers collaborate with their employees’ lifestyle needs, at the same time complying with requirements for unions and their collective bargaining agreements.”

“WorkJam is the only digital workplace solution that provides employers with the ability to offer their workforce a marketplace that allows for personalization of how shifts are broadcast, viewed, picked up and executed,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam. “With this latest version of WorkJam’s Open Shift Marketplace, employers can now offer new work opportunities across locations on a priority-first basis, motivating employees to learn more and perform better to unlock these opportunities. These new major advances in performance and productivity for our customers, and the simultaneous improvements to the lives of their employees, is something we are very excited about.”

Criticism over unfair scheduling practices have cast a shadow over the hourly worker experience, challenging employers to take a critical look at their internal practices. WorkJam and the continuing innovation around its Open Shift Marketplace capabilities is unique in that it offers businesses a solution to these challenges, while helping to reduce costs and improve productivity and profitability at the same time.

About WorkJam
The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning and tailored recognition. WorkJam increases sales conversion, drives down labor costs, lowers absenteeism and attrition rates, improves compliance, optimizes labor in relation to demand, and improves the customer experience through a more motivated and engaged workforce. For employees, WorkJam delivers more control over their schedule providing work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to develop skills, improve sales acumen and maximize their earnings and advancing their economic well-being.

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