National Pharmacies and Workjam Join Forces to Enhance Frontline Employee Experience

With WorkJam, National Pharmacies will revolutionise the way its frontline team members work by providing the digital tools they need to feel connected and empowered at work, resulting in the highest quality of service to customers and members.


June 2023 

WorkJam – the leading digital workplace for organisations with frontline employees – has today announced a new partnership with National Pharmacies, another addition to their expansive retail pharmacy APAC portfolio.


A highly respected South Australian icon, National Pharmacies has expanded into Victoria and New South Wales, with over 850 employees working across 46 pharmacies operating in the three states and 19 optical stores in South Australia.


The partnership will see WorkJam’s solutions improve the internal communications between pharmacists and managers, and team member product knowledge. WorkJam’s employee communication module will also bridge the gap between National Pharmacies’ support office and frontline team members, providing a boost in engagement and overall workplace connection.


National Pharmacies Chief Executive Officer, Vito Borrello says National Pharmacies prides itself on providing the highest quality customer service and believes WorkJam solutions will further propel its progression.


Borrello says, “We’re excited to have consistency across the brand when it comes to internal communications, onboarding, training and workplace culture. We look forward to this transition into a digital workplace with WorkJam.”


The announcement further reinforces WorkJam’s presence in the market. National Pharmacies joins a suite of retail and pharmacy brands.


WorkJam Managing Director APAC, Andrew Myers says, “Our vast clients in the retail space enable us to have in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by the industry, in particular pharmacies. We’re excited to collaborate in harmony with this iconic brand and see the improvements of onboarding a digital workplace and playing a role in National Pharmacies’ growth.”


National Pharmacies anticipates onboarding WorkJam in mid-July of 2023.

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