Jan 17, 2018

Macy’s, Target AU, and Axsium Group Discuss the WorkJam Digital Workplace at NRF 2018

WorkJam customers share their experiences on stage at Retail’s Big Show New York, NY — January 17, 2018 – Employee engagement, agile scheduling, transformative communication and experiential learning were major topics at this year’s National Retail Federation’s BIG Show. On the second day of the event, Macy’s, Target Australia, and Axsium Group sat together for the panel discussion “Unleashing the Ultimate Employee Experience.”Paul Wyatt, the Senior Vice President of Selling Support Services at Macy’s, Andrew Myers, the Chief Operations Officer at Target Australia, Stewart MacDonald, the Head of Simpler Stores at Target Australia, and Bob Clements, the President of Axsium Group, joined moderator Mike Zorn, VP of Workplace Strategy at WorkJam, to discuss how to unleash the potential of an enterprise workforce, their experiences with the WorkJam’s Digital Workplace platform and the impact it’s having on their business.Andrew and Stewart spoke about the rollout of WorkJam across their organization and how it was driven by their associates. In a few short weeks, the organization saw voluntary adoption rates upwards of 90%, helping quickly drive a better employee experience.

“Right now, we have a competitive advantage because no one in Australia is talking to their team members the way we talk to them,” said Andrew Myers, COO of Target AU. He explained that with WorkJam, information flows directly to their frontlines from every corner of the business. The direct nature of the communication, sent directly to associates’ mobile devices, has completely restructured how information is shared. “Allowing team members to schedule the way we schedule is a competitive advantage too. A more engaged workforce leads to a few things—loving your customers, loving your team, having fun at work and staying safe.”

“When we asked managers about the single barrier for them to do their job, 90% of the responses were a lack of time. WorkJam has now given those people time back,” said Stewart MacDonald, Head of Simpler Stores at Target AU. With WorkJam, Target has unlocked the potential of managers by enabling them to lead.

“Retailers talk about wanting to be the employer of choice and it is hard to create that connection,” said Bob Clements, President of Axsium Group, about attracting and retaining talent. “A digital workplace offers so much in terms of understanding the corporate function.” He further explained how understanding the business from a macro level helps associates truly feel a part of the organization, helping align every employee to the company’s mission and goals.

Paul Wyatt, Senior Vice President of Selling Support Services at Macy’s, discussed challenges in hourly engagement, the benefits and opportunities of internal crowdsourcing to retailers and hourly employees, and how new retail technology surrounding human resources, operations, and selling services is changing the industry.

“We opened up cashier training to our support team representing 10,000 associates. We offered them the opportunity to take register training to be able to work the last couple of weeks before Christmas, as cashiers. Traditionally, we would have had to hire more people to fill those shifts,” said Paul Wyatt. He explained that giving associates the opportunity to take additional training and providing a platform to sign up for previously unavailable shifts has resulted in major cost savings for Macy’s. The ability to crowdsource labor goes beyond just various roles in a single store, internal crowdsourcing of labor allows associates to work at multiple locations, in whichever role they are trained to fill.

To watch the full Big Idea Session, “Unleashing the Ultimate Employee Experience”, visit: https://www.youtube.com/workjam

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The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning and tailored recognition.

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