May 07, 2019

WorkJam and JDA Announce Partnership to Empower the Workforce

Industry’s top digital workplace to fully integrate with market-leading workforce management provider to provide joint customers with greater in-app scheduling capabilities

DALLAS, May 7, 2019 — WorkJam, the industry’s leading front-line digital workplace provider, and JDA Software Inc. today jointly announce a partnership that enables world-class employers to manage, optimize, engage and evolve their front-line teams from both the top down and the bottom up.

Through the seamless integration of WorkJam and the JDA Workforce Management platform, not only will hourly employers be able to create optimized schedules against advanced forecasting and workforce management capabilities, they will also be able to close their availability and coverage gap. Additionally, customers will be able to extend to their front-line teams the tools they need to deliver communications, micro-learning, gamification and agile staffing — all while complying with ever-changing labor regulations and union work rules.

“The JDA Workforce Management platform brings our customers a way to deliver a world-class workforce management solution into the hands of their front-line teams, and lets WorkJam augment that experience with total workforce engagement, self-service, open shift marketplace, task management, communication and experiential learning, as well as facilitate time card punching, approved time off and availability requests back to JDA,” said Steven Kramer, CEO and co-founder of WorkJam. “This is why we’ve joined forces.”

Avis Budget Group, a leading global provider of mobility solutions, is already using the powerful new integration to unleash the power of its workforce. According to the Director of Workforce Planning for Avis Budget Group, Phillip Chen, “When it comes to our front-line workforce, we’ve come to rely on the powerful combination of WorkJam and JDA. Not only are our managers enjoying the benefits of optimized labor via JDA Workforce Management capabilities, but our employees love what WorkJam brings such as communications, mobile access to punching, shift picking, swapping, and shift bidding — ensuring we always have the customer covered. We have found that a better employee experience means a better customer experience.”

Group Vice President of Product Management with JDA, Jim Prewitt, agrees, “The rollout of this new integration will empower businesses to be even more effective in serving their customers. Using the fully integrated solution, retailers can give their store associates autonomy over their schedules, all while ensuring alignment with long-term staffing needs and compliance standards. It’s a win-win for corporate teams and their workers.”

One of the main outcomes from the combination of WorkJam’s Digital Workplace with the JDA Workforce Management platform is the evolution of a better skilled and proactive workforce. JDA Workforce Management creates a role-based master schedule, while WorkJam’s Open Shift Marketplace enables workers to pick and swap shifts not only within their home location, but beyond with the ability to pick and search other locations – ensuring customer coverage against changing employee availabilities. Any industry reliant on hourly workers will enjoy the benefits of shared labor, reductions in missed shifts and overtime expenses, and increased employee satisfaction.

The partnership with JDA adds to the growing momentum behind WorkJam, a leading provider of frontline solutions that enable the digital workplace for large and mid-sized organizations. The WorkJam Digital Workplace platform streamlines staffing, communication, training, task management, and more into a unified application for employees across a wide range of industries, enabling companies with non-desk workers to achieve outsized operational improvements, foster collaboration, build their culture, and discover new ways of improving business.

About WorkJam

The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning, and tailored recognition.

Available in over 20 languages & deployed in over 30 countries, WorkJam increases sales conversion & CSAT, drives down labor costs, lowers absenteeism and attrition rates, improves compliance and improves the customer experience through a more skilled, motivated and engaged workforce. For employees, WorkJam delivers more opportunity & control over their schedule, providing work-life balance, as well as the tools to develop skills, improve business acumen, and maximize their earnings to advance their economic well-being. Learn more at

About JDA Software, Inc.

JDA Software is the proven leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-driven supply chain and retail solutions for 4,000 of the world’s leading retail, manufacturing and logistics companies. JDA enables an Autonomous Supply ChainTM by connecting its cognitive SaaS solutions from end-to-end – across planning, execution and delivery – with a broad partner ecosystem, empowering customers to better predict and shape demand, transform their product delivery and deliver outstanding customer experiences. JDA’s world-class client brands include 75 of the top 100 retailers, 77 of the top 100 consumer goods companies, and 8 of the top 10 global 3PLs. Running JDA, you can plan to deliver.

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