Jan 14, 2016

WorkJam Announces “Channels” – Enabling Employers to Connect with their Workforce like Never Before

Channels become latest addition to the WorkJam Employee Engagement Platform

WorkJam, the Employee Engagement Platform for the hourly workforce, today announced the introduction of WorkJam Channels, the next evolution in employer-employee communications. WorkJam Channels allow employers to provide feeds of curated content including relevant brand information, product announcements, company news and events, industry trends, individual achievements, and other targeted content directly to their employees’ web or mobile devices to build community, engagement and loyalty among staff.

WorkJam Channels enable employers to educate, motivate and inform their associates on a daily basis in an easily digestible manner that is social, engaging and timely. With WorkJam Channels, head office management can also promote employee-generated content as well as personalized content tailored to employee roles and interests. Furthermore, Channels offer employers and their workforce the platform to elevate the corporate brand image by encouraging employees to become brand advocates by sharing public content across their social media networks.

“We are excited to add Channels to the WorkJam Engagement Platform. With Channels, employers can easily and cost-effectively connect with all their associates to deliver the most relevant and timely content” said Steven Kramer, CEO WorkJam. “With this expanded communication capability, companies using WorkJam are better equipped to effectively engage their employees, improve customer service, ensure consistent brand execution and extend the value of their existing workforce management solutions”

Channels is now included as part of WorkJam’s Employee Engagement Platform, which also includes dynamic mobile schedule management, on-demand training and assessments, employee recognition and reviews. With this release, WorkJam has broadened the value of its offering by providing a single employee App that addresses scheduling, communication and education.

With WorkJam, businesses can drive down labor costs, lower attrition rates, improve compliance, optimize labor in relation to demand and improve the customer experience and sales with a happier, more engaged workforce. For employees, WorkJam enables more control over their schedule and work- life balance, as well as presents the opportunity to maximize their earnings, develop skills, and advance their economic well-being.

“The industry has been searching for a solution like WorkJam for a long time,” said Scott Knaul, CEO of SMK Workforce Solutions. “Broadening the capabilities of traditional workforce management systems with WorkJam will finally unlock the full potential for labor productivity.”

WorkJam will be exhibiting at the NRF Big Show 2016 in New York City January 17th-19th at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in booth #409.

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