Nov 17, 2020

WorkJam Closes the Gap Between Corporate Planning and Frontline Execution With New WorkJam Operations Planner Module

New WorkJam Operations Planner empowers frontline teams with integrated and standardized task management across systems, further driving workforce orchestration

MONTREAL, November 17, 2020 — WorkJam, the leading frontline digital workplace platform, today released WorkJam Operations Planner, a new module that delivers the ability to create optimized, complex task management templates, allowing for enterprise-wide deployments of project plans, workflows, and tasks with real-time visibility down to the employee shift. The new module dramatically shortens the time it takes to develop, roll-out, and manage discreet, stand-alone projects — for example, a new product launch across all locations that contains a series of complex tasks — while ensuring real-time auditable benchmarking.

Task management has long been the backbone of integrated operations planning. However, traditional task management typically relies on either siloed solutions or manual interventions and is often delivered in an app isolated from communications, training, or workforce management systems. WorkJam Operations Planner optimizes task management at scale by bringing tasks, sub-tasks, and location audits into a closed-loop ecosystem that allows automation and workflows that leverages WorkJam’s exclusive set of Digital Workplace modules — training, certification, surveys, documentation, communication, and scheduling. With WorkJam Operations Planner, head office, team leads, and location managers can streamline and standardize the integrated operations planning process while elevating productivity within the frontline workforce.

“WorkJam Operations Planner is another exciting advancement for operational teams. For the first time, operations leaders at HQ can deploy standardized workflows across the enterprise and know in real-time, down to the location and employee, where progress stands,” said Steven Kramer, CEO and President of WorkJam. “By standardizing tasks for the frontline workforce, employers can ensure compliance, increase visibility into operations, reduce unplanned tasks, and produce massive time savings from the frontline to the corner office. Additionally, this module drives accountability at the department level and with any third parties involved in operational planning and execution. We’re proud to provide customers with the tools they need to achieve true workforce orchestration, and ultimately, improve efficiency.”

By advancing organizations’ digital transformations to workforce orchestration, WorkJam Operations Planner unlocks the benefits of advanced visibility to total workload forecasts, improved corporate partner training, payroll savings, and reduced unplanned tasks. WorkJam Operations Planner’s key functionalities include:

  • Project standardization through uniform inputs for each project impacting location workload, including anticipated sales/output impact.
  • Connectivity to the frontlines with a feedback loop, building accountability and empowerment across the organization.
  • Enhanced planning and prioritization with a visual calendar view and task lists sorted by priority.
  • Elevated engagement in one centralized system, which includes links to communications, training, and documentation.
  • Mobile capability to provide location managers and frontline employees more time on the floor, with information at their fingertips.
  • Open access to WorkJam Operations Planner for external vendors and partners — for example, construction firms or brand partners — leading to a fully integrated supply chain.

This release compliments and extends WorkJam’ core task management and location audit solution released earlier this year, and marks the fifth new product release by WorkJam in 2020.

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