Jun 10, 2020

Combining capabilities from both platforms provides grocers with the operational toolkit necessary to rapidly deploy profitable ecommerce strategies

Industry-leading digital workplace platform introduces new tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among frontline employees and their customers

MONTREAL, June 10, 2020 — WorkJam, the leading digital workplace solutions provider for organizations with frontline employees, and Digital Goodie, the ecommerce and fulfillment technology platform, today announced a strategic partnership to streamline online grocery operations. The functionality of both platforms, together, provides an all-in-one integrated solution that streamlines the ecommerce operations for grocers — optimizing end-to-end process execution while enabling faster time-to-market and margin improvement.

Amid recent pandemic shelter in place regulations, consumers have turned to online shopping for all essentials, resulting in accelerated adoption of grocery ecommerce. This accelerated growth is met with common pain points grocers face as they set-up and/or grow their online businesses: retrofitting stores to support ecommerce growth and safety protocols, implementing an ecommerce platform purpose-built for grocers, and managing a lean, but complex store picking and fulfillment operation. Through Digital Goodie, grocers are able to develop and scale their online business faster and more effectively with a platform that supports the specific needs of grocers while enabling superior pick and pack capabilities that maximize labor productivity. Combined with WorkJam’s platform, grocers can effectively staff their stores and train frontline employees on ecommerce related procedures and direct rapid execution of store modifications projects.

“As the coronavirus pandemic pushes more grocery shoppers online, stores are struggling to keep up with the operations challenges brought on by increased customer demand,” said Will Eadie, Global Vice President of Sales and Alliances at WorkJam. “We know that fostering a sense of customer loyalty comes from delivering an excellent employee experience. By providing frontline employees a direct line of communication to management and offering training around operational change, employers can empower their existing and reboarded workforce to deliver a high-quality ecommerce service experience to customers that is profitable for grocers.”

Given the two companies’ API framework, the combined offering enables grocers with fulfillment, task management, targeted communication, training, and pick and pack gamification for frontline employees under a single integrated solution. Being able to provide employee training and communication around updated processes allows organizations to scale their online businesses without becoming inundated with the online transactions that take focus away from operations.

“The combined functionality of WorkJam and Digital Goodie platforms enable grocers to create an unparalleled digital online grocery experience for consumers and drives profitability,” said Moris Chemtov, Global CEO at Digital Goodie. “Grocery e-commerce comes with unique challenges that other retailers have not had to deal with. These challenges are exactly what the partnership focuses on. Grocers sell thousands of SKUs that frequently range from fresh-foods, dry-goods to prepared foods, they must work closely with brand partners on promotions and have a mechanism for picking in the stores that is highly efficient. In addition, they must retrofit stores and rapidly train frontline employees on e-commerce related procedures.”

WorkJam and Digital Goodie’s combined suite of solutions can be applied to other sectors of retail, restaurants, and manufacturing to improve order management for the omnichannel experience. WorkJam’s customers include enterprises like Shell, Woolworths, and Ulta Beauty while Digital Goodie serves customers such as Co-op UK and S-Group of Finland.

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