May 20, 2015

WorkJam Launches Employee Relationship Management Solution

Since the 1970s the number of hourly workers in the United States has been increasing, and according to the Labor Department, it now accounts for three in five Americans. With millions of workers being paid hourly, businesses have been looking for a solution that will allow them to manage these employees effectively to increase the success rate of finding and keeping the right person. A new employee relationship management (ERM) solution, WorkJam, looks to provide the hourly work industry with a platform that will introduce new levels of efficiency, creating an economic benefit for the businesses while at the same time improving the relationship with their employees for the benefit of the hourly worker.

The current climate in the U.S., indeed around the world, regarding livable wages has highlighted many of the difficulties that exist for businesses and employees in the hourly wage sector. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 75.3 million workers age 16 and over were receiving hourly rates, with 3.6 million of them earning the federal minimum wage or less.

While WorkJam can’t solve the wage disparities that exist in society, the platform provides a solution with a comprehensive set of tools to manage employee-employer relationship life cycle, including sourcing, qualifying, hiring, onboarding, scheduling, engaging, and evaluating employees. The company also claims it is the only commercial platform that allows employers to build and optimize staffing schedules based on demand signals from multiple channels, employee availability, skills, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

The goal of WorkJam is to unlock the economic benefits created by aligning the business needs of companies along with the interest of their employees for a mutually beneficial relationship. While large enterprises and the professionals that work for them have many resources to build and enrich their relationship throughout their career, hourly workers have been very limited in this regard. This platform solves the disconnect between the employer and employee with a cloud-based, mobile and web-accessible ERM solution that allows organizations in the service industry to manage and optimize the entire relationship life cycle.

“Industries that rely on hourly workers currently lack the ability to manage each phase of the employee relationship life cycle through one integrated platform. From recruiting through scheduling, training, and engagement, the process is broken, resulting in massive value leakage that suppresses profitability across industries, especially the more than 2 million service companies in the United States where labor accounts for 20 to 70 percent of overall costs,” said Steven Kramer, CEO of WorkJam.

Michael Guta / TMCnet

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