Jan 23, 2018

WorkJam Launches a Reimagined Digital Workplace at Retail’s Big Show

This year at the NRF 2018, WorkJam released a new version of its popular Digital Workplace Platform. Updates include features that go beyond helping employees in customer-facing roles and links virtually the whole enterprise.NRF is an iconic event for the retail industry, showcasing some of the best, most innovative ideas in the space every year. WorkJam is trying to integrate on-floor workers – sales reps who are traditionally responsible for customer engagement – with back-office operations. That’s why the updated Digital Workplace includes major enhancements to communication, training, and survey modules.WorkJam’s CEO Steven Kramer is excited about the release and looks forward to driving tangible impacts for customers in retail: “These new capabilities go beyond engaging frontline employees, they connect the whole organization. Merchandising, human resources, and store operations are finally getting together around a single platform and making strategic decisions.”

Here are some of the exciting features that stole the show at NRF 2018:

  • Targeted micro-training
  • Time tracking for off-shift training compensation
  • Improved compliance
  • Reductions in onboarding costs and timelines
  • Task allocation at several hierarchies – head office, district, and local managers
  • Task allocation to an individual associate or to a specific shift

WorkJam is also overhauling the communication capabilities of their Digital Workplace – now, members at any organizational rank can communicate with employee groups, filtered by available parameters. This allows tailormade campaign execution and more customized training/sales initiatives.

Employees feel engaged, part of the enterprise communication cycle without being bombarded with unnecessary messages or tasks.

The company believes that digitalization is no replacement for ‘human’ collaboration, but only a compliment and even an enabler. With the launch of the updated Digital Workplace, WorkJam can boast of the only platform tying the communicative needs, with the operational nuts and bolts of workforce management and human capital management.

Multiple functions can talk to each other, assign goalposts, exchange information, and get the work done.

Implementation models include integrated deployment in tandem with existing back-office frameworks, or standalone setup for end-to-end needs. The WorkJam Digital Workplace promises a seamless employee experience, from scheduling, shift management, communication & training, and task completion.

The HRT News Desk / HR Technologist

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