Jun 02, 2015

WorkJam Named Best New Startup by Retail Council of Canada

WorkJam, a cloud-based employee relationship management platform for the hourly workforce, is pleased to announce that this week at the STORE 2015 conference, the Retail Council of Canada named WorkJam the winner of the ReBoot Challenge and presented WorkJam with the top honor: Best retail startup in Canada.

The ReBoot Challenge profiled Canada’s rising stars in the retail industry. The four finalists had the opportunity to present their product at the conference to over 2,000 retail industry leaders.

“The industry voted at STORE 2015 and selected WorkJam as this year’s most unique and up-and-coming platform for the retail industry,” says Michael LeBlanc, SVP, Marketing & Digital Retail, Retail Council of Canada.

RCC’s Reboot Challenge Award recognized the top organizations responsible for disrupting the global retail industry. Organizations were evaluated on the strength and creativity of their applications as well as their potential to transform the retail experience for consumers and make a positive impact on the industry.

“We’re thrilled to have been presented with this honor,” said Steve Kramer, CEO of WorkJam. “This award makes us that much more determined to ensure that our platform, and the work our phenomenal team has been doing, will have a positive effect on the retail industry and those it employs. We are solving real pains being felt by small to large organizations in the Retail and Service Industries.”

WorkJam’s solution aims to address and challenge the following trends plaguing the retail industry today:

  • Hiring and scheduling best practices— Industries that rely on hourly workers currently lack the ability to manage each phase of the employee relationship life cycle through one integrated platform. From recruiting through scheduling, training, and engagement, the process is broken, resulting in massive value leakage that suppresses profitability across industries. WorkJam aims to help retail managers hire only the best candidates for the job, and assist hourly workers in finding their perfect match, making it easier than ever for retailers to ensure they’re staffing effectively.
  • The troubles of scheduling management—Retailers have come under fire for their unpredictable scheduling practices, which arise from either a lack of technology or the imposition of outdated and heavy-handed products. WorkJam’s platform answers current scheduling woes retailers face with a solution for companies to optimize their labor costs while supporting the work-life balance of their employees and empowering employees to take on more of the day-to-day management of schedules.
  • Technology’s impact on the workforce and customer experience—Technology has drastically altered the retail industry, affecting not only the worker but also customer experience. WorkJam’s platform provides retailers with a comprehensive, all-encompassing recruiting, hiring and training application—perfect for retailers looking to effectively incorporate emerging technologies into their operations.


WorkJam is the first employee relationship management platform for the hourly workforce, aiming to creating major economic benefit for businesses while solving critical social issues around part-time scheduling.


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