WorkJam Now Available Through the UKG Marketplace

This expansion of the companies’ partnership integrates Workjam’s super app with UKG Pro Workforce Management

July 4, 2024

WorkJam, the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, today announced it is available on the UKG Marketplace, a community of innovative technology and services partners focused on creating great workplace experiences. This new integration empowers businesses to manage their frontline workforce with greater efficiency and productivity. The collaboration between WorkJam and UKG Pro Workforce Management builds on their initial partnership announced in October, combining the best of both platforms to deliver a comprehensive solution for workforce management and employee engagement. 


“The addition of WorkJam to the UKG Marketplace addresses the significant challenges businesses face when selecting and integrating workforce management and employee engagement,” said Will Eadie, Chief Revenue Officer, WorkJam. “By combining the robust capabilities of UKG Pro WFM with WorkJam’s innovative tools, leading enterprises can now enjoy a holistic approach to managing their frontline workforce. This integration not only enhances operational efficiency but also drives employee satisfaction and retention, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the organization.” 

Enhancing Frontline Productivity and Efficiency

WorkJam’s integration with UKG Pro Workforce Management (WFM) leverages the strengths of both platforms to streamline operations and boost productivity. UKG Pro WFM, an AI-powered suite that spans time and attendance, scheduling, analytics, strategic workforce planning, and compliance for a modern employee experience, serves as the planning tool and system of record, while WorkJam’s super app, including task management, communication, schedule self-service and ESS as well as learning, becomes the operational tool for frontline employees. This combination encompasses all aspects of workforce management, from scheduling and task management to communication and training. 


With WorkJam, employees gain access to an array of tools that make their workday more efficient and manageable. Features like task management, flexible scheduling, targeted communications, and a comprehensive knowledge center seamlessly integrate with UKG Pro WFM. This integration enables enterprises to maintain compliance with overtime policies, local regulations, and collective bargaining agreements, while strengthening the organization’s compliance posture, mitigating the risk of incurring violations, and aiding businesses operating in multiple locations or under various labor laws. 


By implementing smart workforce management solutions, you can empower your hourly workers to become CX champions. These tools offer a range of features designed to improve efficiency, engagement, and overall job satisfaction. 

Benefits of the WorkJam and UKG Integration

Integrating WorkJam and UKG Pro WFM eliminates the need for separate systems, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities. The combined data from WorkJam and UKG Pro WFM provides managers with valuable insights into workforce performance and operational efficiency, enables better decision-making and helps identify areas for improvement. 


Large enterprises also benefit from better utilization of their human resources by optimizing labor allocation and scheduling accuracy, thereby reducing overstaffing and understaffing. Their hourly employees can more easily manage their schedules, collaborate with peers, access training resources, and navigate tasks.  

For more information about the WorkJam and UKG integration, visit the UKG Marketplace or contact WorkJam directly at