Dec 02, 2020

WorkJam Releases Powerful Data Management and Repository Module to Drive Frontline Workforce Orchestration

New WorkJam Studio allows organizations to leverage data from any source to drive radical increases in frontline workforce productivity 

MONTREAL, December 2, 2020 — WorkJam, the leading digital workplace platform for organizations with frontline and hourly employees, today released WorkJam Studio, a new module that aggregates data from the WorkJam platform and can combine it with any other source of data — both internal to an organization and external. The new module enables organizations to achieve total visibility into frontline workforce productivity, with extreme granularity. With WorkJam Studio, organizations can make better decisions, faster and have unlimited ability to monitor the performance of any business process that involves their frontline workforce.  

Currently, business operations handle an abundance of data from various sources without a concise way to combine and correlate those figures into actionable insights. After years of building omnichannel infrastructure, supply chain efficiencies, and investments in tools and technologies for desk workers, the next frontier of operational efficiency gains and customer experience improvements will come from organizations achieving end-to-end frontline workforce orchestration. Further, since WorkJam Studio is a back-office agnostic solution, the optional configurable integrations can deliver enhanced data visibility and orchestration opportunities.

“A major step towards reaching a state of frontline workforce orchestration will be having total visibility to the data produced by task, audit, onboarding, and shift management, as well as visibility to employee skill-sets and certifications. With WorkJam Studio, organizations can mine their data for limitless, actionable insights into frontline workforce productivity and utilization. WorkJam Studio broadens the lens of what our customers see as possible in their organization,” said Steven Kramer, President and CEO at WorkJam. “WorkJam is proud to provide our customers with this next-generation reporting tool that enables them to achieve the breakthrough productivity gains that frontline workforce orchestration delivers.”

The release of WorkJam Studio marks a watershed moment in Digital Workplace technology maturity further supported by the concurrent release of data automation module WorkJam IO Composer. It also marks the 4th new product launch by WorkJam this year which also included ExpressPay and Optimized Task Management and underscores WorkJam’s commitment through ongoing investments into evolving Digital Workplace technologiesThe combination of these new Digital Workplace solutions creates actionable insights allowing organizations to truly get next-level gains — implementing insights in real-time, decreasing time in the back office, and increasing front-of-house availability for managers and staff.     

To learn more about how WorkJam customers are taking advantage of WorkJam Studio today, request a demo:

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