Oct 27, 2020

WorkJam Unveils IO Composer to Enable Process Innovation and Automation

WorkJam IO Composer allows organizations to automate processes within WorkJam or with any other cloud stack, redefining the role of frontline digital workforce technology.

MONTREAL, October 27th, 2020 — WorkJam, the leading digital workplace platform for organizations with frontline employees, today released WorkJam IO Composer. The new module opens up the WorkJam platform to other business systems, digitally automating frontline processes and driving breakthrough labor productivity and utilization benefits. WorkJam is a complete platform that includes multiple modules for frontline employees, which can be purchased individually or together, including scheduling, task management, learning and development, and communications. With the addition of the WorkJam IO Composer module, organizations now have limitless flexibility in how they use data — in any form — to orchestrate the work of their frontline employees.

With WorkJam IO Composer, an organization can move any type of information input or output between WorkJam’s Frontline Digital Workplace Platform and any other business technology used by the organization, including IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Moreover, this new module allows for internal automation within the WorkJam platform allowing further digital automation of the employee experience. This powerful tool allows for organizations to quickly link existing business processes together, and create new processes that synchronize frontline employee execution and communication with the rest of the organization. The connectivity of once isolated, siloed systems and processes as well as manual processes, will create unprecedented increases in productivity, allowing for true Frontline Team Orchestration.

A few examples of WorkJam IO Composer’s many use-cases include:

  • Thermostat alerts — WorkJam IO Composer integrates with IOT devices like thermostats, notifying employees when there is an addressable issue. WorkJam can then create a task for employees for remediation.
  • Curbside pickup or buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) — WorkJam IO Composer can automatically trigger a task for employees to prepare and fulfill online orders or open shifts based on surges in demand and labor requirements.
  • Restocking empty shelves and coolers — WorkJam IO Composer can notify employees of empty shelves and coolers through inventory management connectivity, and automatically task them with restocking the appropriate materials.
  • Seamlessly publish content to and from other systems — Allowing organizations to reach all their team members quickly at scale.
  • Automatically generate help desk and support desk tickets — Streamlining the process and increasing productivity.
  • New employee surveys — Digitize an internal process within WorkJam where on the fourth clock-in for a new employee, a survey is triggered to collect feedback on the first few days on the job.

“We are incredibly proud to once again drive the next wave of digital workplace technology and provide our customers — representing some of the world’s most iconic brands — with a future-proof platform that enables innovation in how they operate,” said Steven Kramer, President and CEO at WorkJam. “WorkJam IO Composer advances frontline digital workplace technology far beyond other point solutions that offer limited employee self-service, communication and rudimentary task management. WorkJam IO Composer, along with other new technologies we are bringing to market, allows organizations to advance their journey towards full frontline orchestration capabilities — the apex of frontline workforce digital transformation.”

WorkJam customers in grocery, retail, distribution, healthcare, convenience stores, and more are currently taking advantage of WorkJam IO Composer today.

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