Jun 21, 2016

WorkJam Unveils the Next Generation of Employee Engagement

Latest version includes new functionality to better measure and recognize hourly worker performance

Montreal, Canada—June 21, 2016 – WorkJam, the Employee Engagement Platform for the hourly workforce, today unveiled the latest version of its software service with major enhancements across all areas of employee engagement. WorkJam’s platform continues to focus on providing large enterprise organizations with the next step in the evolution of employer-employee communications.

The release includes new functionality to better measure and recognize hourly worker performance both from within the organization and directly from customers. New features also include the introduction of employee “Missions” and “Challenges” to drive engaging interactive learning and task management. Like everything in WorkJam, these features are developed for global, large scale operations and are designed to drive targeted and digestible content and communications based on the operations hierarchy of the organization.

This latest release further enables employers to educate, motivate and inform their associates on a daily basis through an enjoyable experience that is social, engaging and timely. For example, with WorkJam, head office management can now create fun and engaging missions to drive activities such as store walk-throughs, operational activities, knowledge building games, scavenger hunts and store tasks. Missions can be setup so that Employees can earn points and/or badges to gamify important work related activities. These gamified experiences are fully integrated with communications, channels and training and can include gamification options such as leaderboards which can run across individual locations, groups of locations or across the entire organization. Similarly, other new features allow for interactive reviews that can now be extended to customers and can integrate into existing CRM, commerce and couponing applications.

“We are excited to release this latest version of our service to our customers and to the market. The WorkJam platform provides a best-of-breed, cost-effective solution to connect with all of an organization’s associates and to deliver the most relevant and timely information” said Steven Kramer, CEO WorkJam. “Back-office systems are back-office focused and like commerce applications, businesses require an experience-oriented platform to engage their employees and to manage their day-to-day interactions including schedule collaboration, communication, internal marketing, training and employee recognition. Since WorkJam already integrates with many leading workforce management back office applications, employers are able to extend the value of their existing systems while provide a seamless employee-centric omni-channel experience.”

With this release, WorkJam continues to broaden its offering by providing a single employee App that addresses scheduling, communication and education. WorkJam’s customers include well-known multinational brands across North America, Europe and Asia.

WorkJam will be exhibiting at the HITEC 2016 show in New Orleans June 20-23rd at booth #1817.

About WorkJam

WorkJam is a web and mobile app that runs either stand-alone or integrated with existing workforce management system to enable better communication with associates, enhance employee self-service, reduce labor costs and improve employee motivation, engagement and overall customer service. Connect directly with employees to create a more knowledgeable, engaged and productive workforce, while improving customer experience and controlling labor costs.

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